Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mid semester holidays

Hey hey ! I am having a week off ( YES ! That means no patients, no lectures) and I am taking this opportunity to write some of my thoughts down.

It has been 4 months since my last post and many things have changed( but some have stayed the same). For one, I've completed almost all my assignments and all that's left is to pour over all the subjects in preparation for end of the year exams. Aside from studying, I've made time to ensure my peace of mind and insure my sanity through non-scholarly activities. Most of you whom have kept in touch with me through MSN will know that I am now a dance addict (namely salsa and swing dancing ) and an avid dessert creator ( maybe dessert modifier suits me more).
I've progressed from the simple panna cotta(gelatinous boiled cream) , to some of the more malaysian flavours like kuih dadar and kuih talam which I sorely missed before I knew how to make them. :P Getting the appropriate ingredients in Australia can be quite a hassle but I guess one would do anything when desperate, ie. scouring central market for gula Melaka in 3 different shops haha. I was lucky enough to find frozen pandan leaves as well.

My new passion for cooking helps me deal with stress because there is a sense of achievement when all the different components come together to produce an exquisite sensation delightful to the tastebuds. Its wonderful to see a cake rise or to observe a bowl of steamed kuih turn crystal clear from a murky mix. Of course, there's always time to do a spot of studying while waiting in anticipation.

Right now, I am at peace with the world and content. This is the best frame of mind to study effectively and so, toodles ! Off to the books :P


Sunday, May 11, 2008


Hi everyone!
Been awhile
Yet again

let me write a letter to Self.

Dear Jun
Please start studying harder in order to pass your exams. You have one and a half years to go and it is a waste to let it just rot even though you haven't felt like yourself lately.
Remember that everything is in your hands .Remember that you become what you believe yourself to be.

So BUCK UP!!!!!!!

It is easy to stick your head in the sand like an ostrich but that never solves the problem of having the lion a few miles back. IT doesn't mean if you don't see it, the Problem is gone. However it does mean you may not even know what hit you and when it does it'll hit you bad. SO LooK uP , LOok around , and FAce your fears.

Take small steps, reach for the little goals first. Start eating right, start exercising more often, start on your assignments, start treasuring each moment you have and live in it like you always have but have neglected to lately.

WAKE UP from the nightmare you have constructed for yourself.
Wake UP!!! Wake UP!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This CNY has to be the best one so far in Adelaide :) Celebrating the traditional festival with a western touch was a different experience altogether. Imagine, good company, good food, good wine and good music for the night before! Of course , I miss the chaotic clicking of mahjung tiles, loud CNY music going dong dong qiang, people attired in their best red garments as well as the reunion dinner with a hot bubbling pot of fragrant steamboat. However, good company was the key to a good celebration. Kudos to Chen and Jelmer as well as all the dental buddies ! You guys made my CNY :P
Even though I had a practical test on the second day of new year, and I will have another written test next friday, they cannot dampen my new year spirit haha.... I was blessed with a wonderful start to the year of the rat and hope that everyone else is just as lucky :)
Uni has been more forgiving this week......the past month was a hectic time for me so this soothing week was just what I needed to rejuvenate and prepare myself for the challenging tasks ahead. Just had a briefing today about what to do and what not to do for patients , datelines for clinical steps etc. Suddenly, I can't help feeling that I have been truly sheltered in third year and fourth year will definitely require more guts. I realise that confidence in myself is the essential ingredient for a successful year. So, come to me positive thoughts that inspire confidence !! May I project the best I can be and get through this year of opportunity !

Saturday, January 19, 2008

After a long sojourn away from blogging

Dear Friends and Family,

First of all, I'd like to apologise for my absence. Your dear blogger was too caught up with her day to day work and embroiled in the saucy affairs of college :P

This is an entry to remind myself that there is life outside of dentistry. There is life outside of college. And, there IS life to be lived even if one is tired out from the long and laborious lab sessions!

2007 has been one eventful year. 2008 has just started and it looks like it is just as fiesty . (pat on the back for myself for getting into Australia on time for the roaring 'fun' in 4th year commencement term.)

NOw, I just have to organise my thoughts and i'll get back to it.

2007 can be summed up in one sentence:
I still have alot to learn in this journey of life.

Therefore new year resolutions for 2008 :
1. develop patience and tolerance
2. keep my head in trying situations
3. seize opportunities as they arise
4.make the most of any situation i am thrown in
5. manage time well for balance ( Work/Play)

OK. Will update again later
CHeers and HAPPY 2008!!!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

An eventful 21st :P

Well well....its been two months since i last updated my blog. Maybe its time to voice my thoughts yet again. The last semester was a trying one. Stress levels rocketed especially in the weeks before the exam but i think that's what every student experiences so I shouldn't complain. That aside, being the total care operator for patients and truly making a difference in their lives made all the studying, preparation and manual dexterity exercises worthwhile.

11 days into the holidays and I find myself staring at the calender, wishing time would slow down. I'll be flying back on the 14 and reaching Adelaide on the 15 whereby I must unpack all the boxes and suitcases.....sigh.....thinking about that makes my back ache! But still, I am thankful for the break, time for me to recharge, catch up with friends and family and experience the loving warmth of home. Oh, shouldn't forget the good food too!

My 21st birthday was memorable one. However, some parts of it are memorable for the wrong reasons. Now I know how important it is to have control over one's emotions in every situation. I was really frustrated with the bad service provided by a reputable chain of restaurants where everyone was to celebrate the 'coming of age' together. I was incensed by the impunity of the hostess with regard to alloting tables and making accommodations according to the sequence of customers. Our party of nine had to split up into a table for 4 and 5 respectively in the end, both tables situated far away from each other. Furthermore, food was served 45 minutes late and only after it was served to customers who arrived later than we did. For what it was worth, we told off the manager and reprimanded him for the insolent behaviour of the staff. The mood and atmosphere was crackling with tension and I am grateful for wonderful friends who injected some humour into the situation. We ended up at Jason's place to cut the cake and take a few pictures. It was a rushed job because most of us had appointments to attend to. Looking back, I can't help laughing at myself and the whole comical situation of having to gobble up the cake :P

On the 9th of July, we set out for Gopeng at 6.35 am thinking it would allow us to have a leisurely ride and be on time. It was a leisurely ride but we were way too early---we reached Gopeng at 8.45 ( appointment with the guide was at 9.30 am). We took our time to have breakfast and catch up. After meeting up with Pei shan's car load of people and the guide, we left for Camp Murni. To our relief, the X-trail was a competent vehicle, it was easily maneuvered over the pot holes and dirt roads leading to the site. It felt truly Malaysian because we passed by a small kampung complete with kedai runcits and free ranging chickens, followed by a rubber estate and a kelapa sawit estate, before arriving in the reserve.

There, we were introduced to a different mode of transport : THE LORRY!!

All of us were excited at the prospect of being transported like 'cargo'. We felt like a lorry load of refugees hahahahahahaha. Holding tight to the sides of the wooden 'container' as the lorry rumbled through the estates and further into the forest, feeling the wind whistle by your ears, and keeping your eyes peeled for branches that may give you a painful whack, ducking as a reflex, all these things added to the sensational 'ulu' experience.

I'll never forget the experience of falling out of the raft. I said a silent prayer of thanks for being unscathed and also for the 'white water swim' training session. If not for that training session, i would have been badly injured. Everything goes in slow motion when you get the adrenaline rush and i know i had my feet locked into the raft. I fell to the side head first into the rushing water and my feet were still stuck in the raft, it was quick thinking on the part of the guide to push me out into the rapids to prevent my head from knocking against the boulders. Gosh, the instant i left the raft, i was face down in the water, which is a precarious position....luckily i assumed the' white water position 'quickly( lying flat on your back with arms to the side, legs together and bottom lifted) and followed the rapids into calmer waters. There, another raft rescued me with the paddle and heaved me onto the raft. I was quite shaken but happy I only have a bruised neck as a souvenir. Otherwise, white water rafting was a blast! We thoroughly enjoyed the clear waters , paddling , and hanging on to the raft as it bounced off rocks in the river.

After a traditional lunch, we proceeded with cave exploration. Caving was good fun but challenging. It was my first time trying out abseiling and climbing up steep rock faces with the aid of a rope. Consequently, i have aching arms today. Dark and dank, the cave, Gua Kandu had plenty of stalactites and stalagmites as well as dark passageways leading into the dark abyss. There weren't too many bats but you could pick out the not so subtle odour of guano. Moving in complete darkness with the torchlight in hand within the belly of the limestone fortress, we crawled, clung onto rocky out crops and grabbed onto ropes and chains for support to scale up the almost vertical walls. My greatest fear was not knowing where the next step lay. All of us emerged from the cave tired but triumphant with minor scratches.

The flying fox was also another highlight of the trip. We had to wear a safety harness and we were clipped onto the cable. The harness was a tad uncomfortable but i think it was probably more uncomfortable for the male members of the group haha...dangling by the cable was scary, I didn't dare look down unlike some of the others.

Alright, I think I have said enough. Have to go for lunch. Till next time


Monday, May 21, 2007

International night .....sorry guys busy just pics for now

Saturday, March 03, 2007

5 weeks into term time

Hello everybody! Havne't been blogging for a while.....well...its been a whirlwind of activities here down under lol. O-week was as eventful as anticipated . Here are some of the pics that i'd like to share with all of you.
1st pic : The dental students on New year's eve
2nd pic : Me and Zhi Ling on NEw year's day
3rd pic : Me and Keith (well done cousin!)
4th pic : Opshop skirt 1$ :P Me and Ken
5th pic : Clement and Rajes
6th pic : Me and Chen with the winnning team --scavenger hunt 2007 !! WOOHOO those guys did the Rick Burge run ( kudos to them running butt naked all the way to the Blue and White cafe to get a straw and back! GOOD TEAM WORK GUYS!)
7th pic : Vong, Johnny, Rajes and Drew during the Barn dance
8th pic: Meow! kitties on the barn dance floor

ok....that's all for O-week

Stuff at uni:
1. saw my first two patients for the year.....phew.....i hope i do better next time....REMEMBER : for bitewings its 0.25 mili sieverts!!!! and always reassure the patient...they can be nervous about treatment. talk them through the procedure.
2. bought a few new books---gosh they are pricey
3. I will read up after lectures . I will make more notes. I will stay awake during lectures. I will book patients in a week beforehand. I will be calm and collected.

Till next time
toodles :)

oh, there are now three june's in college who is malaysian (me), one who is Korean (a guy !) and june in the office :)